Confidentiality is the cornerstone of my services. Since I'm not able share feedback from my clients, I humbly share some words from my colleagues and the people who know me best.


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Jenna is one of the most powerful, intuitive coaches I know. When you speak with her it is undeniable how passionate she is about igniting a revolution of self-love in her clients and in the world. She is a kind, compassionate, and inspiring coach who is incredibly knowledgeable and has a gift for reading between the lines and hearing what is not directly being said in a session. This leads her to facilitate transformation quickly within her clients. Jenna has an innate ability to infuse humor and fun into her sessions and is able to accurately predict what her clients are needing in each moment - a sign of a highly effective coach! It is so clear that this is what Jenna loves to do and what she is meant to do! If you want more self-love, self-discovery, and joy in your life, Jenna is your coach!
— Ashley Looker, Empowerment Coach
“If you choose to work with Jenna Teague, you have made the best decision of your life. Jenna is a caring and wonderful listener. She is non-judgmental and understanding. She never makes you feel like your problems are trivial. Her holistic approach to therapy will assist you in all aspects of your life. She has a wealth of knowledge and a tremendously versatile list of work experience. Jenna has a way of making you feel like you are the only person that matters to her at that moment. You can count on having a different way of looking at your situation after you speak to Jenna. You will certainly feel better about your situation and have a new set of tools in which to handle it.”
— Dolores Onorato, LCSW
“Jenna is simply remarkable. The energy and enthusiasm she brings to her coaching and counseling practice is unwavering and contagious. She has the ability to see beyond the mask that most of us are wearing in our day-to-day lives, and has the finesse to help us take that mask off. In addition, she knows how to guide us through the process of self discovery and realization – something that she has successfully done with me numerous times simply through conversation. If you’re thinking of working with this beautiful woman, please do it, she’ll radically change your life.”
— Lindsey Allen, Author of Building a Vision
“Jenna is a wonderful friend and my most trusted advisor. I trust her completely and she has never let me down. Jenna has the amazing capacity to make you feel as though you are the most important person in the world. Her passion for helping others is paired with a deep reservoir of wisdom from which she freely and graciously shares. Jenna’s empathy allows her to listen and advise without judgment while providing insights and proposing solutions that I find invaluable. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather have by my side on a journey toward a happier and healthier life.”
— Peter Krogh, Instructor, Gongqing College of Nanchang University
“I can’t say enough good things about Jenna. She is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Her approach is very non-judgmental and caring, and it’s difficult to imagine someone who could be a better coach and counselor. Qualified, calm, insightful, trustworthy, and funny, Jenna can help you achieve happiness and acceptance in many areas of your life.”
— Kris Benson, Inside Sales Manager, Jacobs
“It’s been my absolute pleasure working with Jenna! She has such a calming and peaceful presence that I completely feel at ease whenever I am with her. She is also caring, understanding, and intuitive - all the qualities I want in my coach/therapist. I am so happy Jenna is in my life and I would highly recommend her service to anyone.”
— Elaine Bacio, CHC
“Jenna’s warm, enthusiastic energy makes her the first one you want to pick for your team. She makes you feel as if you could do anything, and will step up to support, encourage and delight you with her ideas and lovely presentation. If you’re looking for someone to walk the path for you and inspire you to be the best person you can be, she is the one to call on.”
— Jabu Dayton, JABU HR INC., HR for Small Start Ups
“One of Jenna’s best qualities is her openness to the diversity of the human experience. Jenna respects and values all people. With Jenna, there is no judgment — only compassion, safety, and empathy. I know few people who listen as well as Jenna.”
— Carrie M. Brown, PhD., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Agnes Scott College
“Jenna radiates authentic kindness and wisdom. Her loving nature creates an atmosphere of ease in which all around her feel compelled to share and learn. She provides that necessary gentle nudge along with insight from a new angle which we all need at times. Our chats always prompts a path for reflection as well as determination within.”
— Hillary Bergh, Chef, Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, Food Allergy Maven
“Jenna and I worked together first in a group practice where she was an enthusiastic graduate student, who was smart, witty and endlessly curious. Later, she saw patients at my private practice where I supervised her work in individual long term insight oriented psychotherapy. I was struck by her thoughtful, thorough and caring conceptualization of her patients. Jenna has the rare ability to deeply empathize with others while remaining clear in boundaries in order to provide the best standard of care. She is wildly witty, with a sharp intellect and a fast mind that synthesizes loads of information efficiently. To work with her in any capacity is a gift.”
— Dr. Sarah Sarkis, Licensed Psychologist
“I first met Jenna at a workshop. She was the gal in the room with a knack for Illumination: She has this amazing ability to pick up on the unique things that make you shine and reflect them back to you in a way that gets you all fired up (in a good way). I most admire Jenna for her ability to be 100% present. Whether she’s facilitating a group or connecting with you one-on-one, she’s tuned all the way in. I find that capacity to be more and more rare these days – with our phones, our to do lists, and our egos always ready to distract us. Her unconditional openness and presence are both refreshing and incredibly healing. I feel blessed to have met her and be part of her community.”
— Nicole Bonsol, Singer, Writer, & Designer
“Jenna and I were introduced to one another while attending the same nutrition school. Through our time together as accountability partners, it quickly became obvious that she is one of most unendingly supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is empathetic, kind and compassionate without judgement. A person can’t help but come away from conversations with Jenna feeling valued.”
— Heidi Kellogg, Residential Coordinator, ODC
“Jenna and I worked closely together for several years. I was able to witness first hand her compassion and empathy for those that she worked with. Interacting with those in crisis, Jenna was always respectful, non-judgmental, and she strived to provide an environment of openness and genuineness. Jenna would always go the extra mile to provide kind and encouraging words (she also has a wonderful sense of humor!). She has a wealth of knowledge and tools that she is able to draw from and is able to challenge others gently and provide new perspectives and ideas. Jenna truly cares about people and this is very evident in how she works and relates with others.”
— Jeannie Kim, LSW, Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital
“Jenna is a wise woman with a passion for helping others. She is a sensitive listener with significant insight, who brings out the best in others. Jenna is a genuine and warm human being. She possesses the unique ability to make others feel comfortable and at ease, from the moment she begins speaking. No matter the frequency of my contact with her, I am always left feeling a bit clearer and more positive about my life.”
— Katie Artiano, MA, Regional Manager, Verbal Behavior Associates
“Jenna Teague is someone I would want to confide in because she actually cares. I worked with Jenna on an adolescent unit and watched her interact with the clients. She was warm and giving and was invested in what was best for her clients even if it was something she didn’t agree with. Jenna was open to new approaches to treatment and making sure her clients had all the resources they needed to make informed decisions about their care. The best thing about her was the way she turns the most negative comment, thought or deed and spins it into a positive learning experience that encourages personal growth. If you’re looking for someone to laugh, cry and share your darkest secrets with I believe she fulfills all these requirements.”
— Linda Brobst, RN
“Jenna is beyond incredible. I feel grateful for having met and shared a Desire Map workshop experience with her. Her energy and smile lit us all up and warmed our hearts. She listens deeply and makes you feel safe and unguarded. Jenna’s authenticity is contagious and her insights are inspiring and moving. I feel fortunate to have connected with her and lucky for her continued support.”
— Fernanda Bressan, Life Coach, Desire Map Facilitator, and Yogi
“Jenna is an exceptional person. I’ve only known her for a short time now, but hopefully I’ll know her forever. She is humble, a delight to open up to, and has a unique ability to connect on so many levels with empathy and thoughtfulness. She offers solid support and guidance, along with a refreshing sense of humor (which I immensely appreciate). I’m so grateful she’s come into my life.”
— Lara Savino