The Worthiness Manifesto

THE TRUTH? It all comes down to Love.


It all comes down to Love.


I'm not talking about the love that connects us to one another. Or the hearts and flowers and puppy dogs, Valentine's Day, rom-com kind of love. I'm talking about the love that connects us to ourselves.


Scientists of all stripes have found that people will go to almost any length to avoid pain. The primary human drive is to first avoid pain, then to seek pleasure. For so many of us, the thought of knowing, connecting with, and ultimately loving ourselves brings up a mental minefield of fears and insecurities.

We think...

‘What if I’m forced to be with myself, by myself, just me, alone? What if, when I look inside, I don’t like what I see? Worse still, what if I’m repulsed? Disgusted? Ashamed? What if I learn that all of those horrible, shameful, unloveable things about me - the things I’ve been trying desperately to avoid - are true? What if it’s worse than I can even imagine?’


So, what are we to do? We fill our lives and our selves with self-avoidance and busyness and distraction and go-go-go. We fill our lives with work and tasks in service of others and in the hopes that we might earn enough money or karma points to be worthy. If we're lucky, we fill our lives with people in whose eyes we can see a reflected version of ourselves that is better and maybe even deserving of their love.


And here I submit to you the crux of it all: You are worthy. YOU. Unconditionally worthy. Of love. Of it all. You arrived on this earth worthy, and nothing you have, will, or could ever possibly do will change that. No if's, no but's, no when's. You are worthy, right now and always. You don't have to do anything, for anyone to prove your worth. You just need to accept it for yourself. Claim it. Own it. Revel in it. Dance with it. Nurture it. Until you believe it. Until it fits. Until it's yours.

And when you do, the world of pleasure-seeking will open up before your eyes and your heart and your soul. There will be no fear left to avoid because you've already faced that fear and looked deep inside to learn that you are worthy. Of love. Hell, YOU ARE LOVE. And you know that you are worthy of your own care and compassion and of the love, respect, and admiration of others. You are worthy of all good things - all ways and always. Connect with this knowledge and allow it to guide you - in how you treat yourself, how you feed yourself, how you care for yourself, how you love yourself. Embody that love. Share it with the people in your life. Live as the beacon of love and worthiness that you are.


You are worthy. Of love. All ways and always.

If you've been struggling with feelings of unworthiness or challenges around love and self-love, I want you to know that I am here to support you. If you'd like to bring that support off the screen and into your life, let's connect one-to-one to see what's possible. One hour, huge shifts. All free. Just click the button below.