The Prerequisite for Unconditional Love? Forgiveness

The Prerequisite for Unconditional Love? Forgiveness - Jenna Teague

Today, I’d like to talk about something we all need right about now (and always), unconditional particular, one of its prerequisites: Forgiveness. Letting go. Moving on.

How can we truly love ourselves and others if we can't forgive and let go?

Without forgiveness, there will always be conditions in our life and our love, if/then criteria that inevitably hold us back from living and loving wholly and completely.

I was recently asked to write a "Letting Go Letter," a letter to someone in my life with whom I have an "unresolved issue." Full disclosure, unwillingness to forgive has never been one of my biggest struggles. Forgiving too much, now that’s where I tend to go wrong. So, the letting go part? Yeah, not so much for me. I tend to hold on to people and relationships long past the point of forgiveness and letting go. And all of that holding-on-too-long makes it even harder to let things go emotionally, even after the physical letting go has passed.

Usually all my holding on has brought even more pain and struggle than if I had simply let go sooner, and then it feels even harder to do the real work of fully letting go: wishing them well. Yes, that's right. Wishing them well. Not okay-ish but divinely happy, madly in love, wildly successful, and deeply fulfilled. When it comes to forgiveness, that's where the magic happens.

Wish them well, like your life depends on it. Because it does.

So, here I sit at the feet of Authenticity and Transparency, and I offer you my Letting Go Letter, written to a beloved friend.


Dear [Silly but perfect nickname I always called you],

I will always love and care about you. I'm so sorry that we became estranged. I would love it if we could connect again one day without animosity or fear or anger. I wish you all the love and happiness and health that you can possibly have in this life.
You will always be my [term of endearment].


[Silly but perfect nickname you always called me]

If you've been struggling with forgiveness, I want you to know that I am here to support you. If you'd like to bring that support off the screen and into your life, let's connect one-to-one to see what's possible. One hour, huge shifts. All free. Just click the button below.