Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe - Jenna Teague

Our Souls are embodied with an innate hunger for connection, and our connections are essential to our survival. We're born into a tribe, our first tribe, and that tribe is evolutionarily, spiritually, and societally bound to care for us. These are the first people to meet our needs for nourishment, to feed all of our hungers.

We cry out; the tribe feeds us.

As we grow, thanks to the tribe, we begin to develop the ability to meet our own needs for nourishment, to identify and seek out that which feeds us. And then we begin to ask ourselves...

Would anyone else want me, accept me into their tribe - even though I wasn’t born into it? Even if they didn’t have to?

We wonder...

Maybe they’ll like me, they’ll accept me if conform myself to them, if I act like them.

In so doing, we may even feel compelled to reject our birth tribe. And so begins the period of looking outward to find it and fit in with it - love, acceptance, belonging.

If we don't find what we're seeking, or if we're met with rejection, we remain adrift. Our souls are starved. And if we're starved, we can't survive. Disconnection and loneliness are fatal, quite literally.

Loneliness is a proven a risk factor for disease and mortality.

Instead of spending so much time trying to conform and fit into these tribes - our families, peers, coworkers - our Souls would be far better served by seeking out our people and starting our own tribes - partnerships, marriages, families of our own, chosen tribes. In these tribes, we don't have to concern ourselves with fitting in. Hell, we can fit OUT.

The more authentic we are, the more our chosen tribes love us.

They celebrate us. Through the tribe, we are fed and nourished by our connections with one another.

You are part of my chosen tribe.

And the more you-ness you bring out to play, the more I love and celebrate you.

You enrich our lives and our tribe just by showing up. So thank you. For being here. For being you.

If you've been struggling with finding your tribe, I want you to know that I am here to support you. If you'd like to bring that support off the screen and into your life, let's connect one-to-one to see what's possible. One hour, huge shifts. All free. Just click the button below.