Body Talk

Body Talk - Jenna Teague

Our bodies are talking to us, but are we listening?

Our bodies are sending us signals every day, moment-to-moment, about what they - and by extension we - need. Our body-temples work so hard for us. They've got our backs all the time, but what have we done for them lately?

Let's explore how we can tune into our body's messages, from this moment forward.

What's one thing we know deep down that our body has been calling out for? 

I need more sleep, more down time, more fresh air, more water, more connection, more veggies...

Let's imagine our body as that of a small child entrusted to our care. 

How would we nourish that child? What would we feed her? How long would we encourage her to play outside with her friends? When and how would we put her to bed - with a comforting story, a prayer, a cuddle, a hug?

Our bodies deserve the same consideration as that small child, and like that child, they are entrusted to us, to our love and care.

Do right by your body. Honor it. Honor yourself.

Because when your mind and your body are on the same page, in harmony, life feels good and easy. And everything flows.

Get in the flow, gorgeous.

If you've been struggling with listening to your body's signals, I want you to know that I am here to support you. If you'd like to bring that support off the screen and into your life, let's connect one-to-one to see what's possible. One hour, huge shifts. All free. Just click the button below.