Be Your Own Disciple

Be Your Own Disciple - Jenna Teague

Discipline can be defined as "being a disciple to oneself."

If this definition is true, then why is it so much more difficult for many of us to be devoted to ourselves and our own needs, desires, and beliefs than those of others?
Why do we struggle with keeping promises to ourselves so much more than keeping promises to others?
What makes us any less worthy of following our own wishes with the fervent devotion of a disciple?
Why do we not deserve our own disciples, even if those disciples are ourselves?

The truth is, we're all deserving of discipleship.

Like worthiness, it is our birthright.

We are worthy of Sacred Discipline.

We are worthy of creating lush rituals to honor our minds and our bodies, whatever those chosen rituals might be. We are worthy of listening to the sacred wisdom of our body-temples. And most of all, we are worthy of honoring our commitments to our rituals and by extension, to ourselves.

We must become our own first disciple.

Our devotion to ourselves must serve as our compass, always pointing us home, before we can truly endeavor to love and be of service to others.

For in so doing, we'll learn how to keep promises, even when they're the hardest to keep.
We'll learn what it means to truly care for someone - mind, body, and Soul.
And we'll learn the true value of love and devotion.

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